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WishList Member v3.1 Build 6535


  • Integrations
    • Email Providers
      • Drip
        • Fixed issue where processing tags stopped working.
      • Generic
        • Fixed issue where POST data from Generic 2 aren’t being sent to the set POST URL.
      • GetResponse
        • Make it work with API v2 and v3
      • Mailchimp
        • Updated how the integration checks for mailchimp errors
    • Payment Providers
      • Stripe
        • We now update the default payment method for existing users who has Stripe Customer ID and bought using tokens before. This way the Payment Method ID created will be the default payment method for their account.
        • Issue where validation kicks in for logged in users who don’t have first name or last name. Since we set it to readonly, this users are unable to complete the payment as the validation kicks in for empty first name and last name.
        • Fix issue where the Credit card fields doesn’t show due to a bootstrap CSS conflict with other themes.
        • Profile Shortcode
          • Updpated the Credit card fields to use the ones generated by Stripe’s Elements JS.
          • Fixed issue where the Credit Card fields doesn’t show on Checkout Forms when the Stripe Button and Profile Shortcdoes are added on the same page.
          • Updating Credit card now updates the Payment Method attached to a customer (Previously it updates the Stripe Token attached to a customer).
          • Fixed issue the “Cancel” button and the “Update Payment Info” link doesn’t show when the member’s transaction ID has multiple “-” characters. eg. cus_G2ZNEyC7skqJUv-stockbox-unlimited-monthly-memberspace-8a182677dd
        • Stripe Buttons
          • We now shows Fname, Lname and Email on the checkout form when a logged in user clicks the Stripe button. These fields are now also readonly.
          • If a user is logged in and has a payment method attached to his account, we now show a text that displays what card will be use and the last 4 digits. (eg. “Card that will be used: VISA card ending in 1111”)
        • Updated the code so that both One Time Payments and Subscriptions will be charged using the Payment Method (previously only one time payments uses Payment Method, Stripe Plans was still using tokens).
        • Fixed issue where buying Payperposts as an existing user results into a fatal error.
      • Paypal Checkout
        • Fixed issue where the members are immediately being cancelled even though the “Cancel Membership Immediately After PayPal Subscription is Cancelled” is OFF and “Cancel Membership at End of PayPal Subscription” is ON.
        • Added Indian Rupee (INR) currency.
      • Paypal Payment Standard
        • Fixed issue where extra incomplete registrations are created when the Paypal IPN’s for the subscription signup gets delayed and the user already completed their account.
        • Fallback page for 0$ trial subscriptions.
          • Updated the text on the fallback page.
          • Fixed issue where the fallback where that asks the users for the email they used when the purchase no longer shows.
    • Other Providers
      • Zapier
        • Updated code to consider level id on level-related poll requests
        • Updated code to consider level id on level-related subscribe requests
          • Modified zapier code to send per level email templates when send_email is passed

Advanced Options

  • Passwords
    • Fixed column widths to prevent tooltip from being wrapped on its own to the next line


  • TinyMCE
    • Tinymce plugin unable to load on other pages.
  • Gravity Forms
    • Fixed Non logged users are unable to upload other files using Gravity Forms.
    • Users
      • Fixed WishListMemberUser returning a user if the passed ID is an email address or username starting with a number (i.e. [email protected] or 1username) and the numeric part matches a user ID in the database
  • License Activation
    • Fix Error occured message when Activating the license.
  • PHP
    • Fixed “PHP Notice: Undefined property: WLMAPI2::$__pagination__“.
    • Fix Warning and Notices in members section
  • Database
    • Fix DB errors when activating the plugin
  • Redirects
    • Fixed After Logout Redirect issue on WordPress 5.3
    • Fixed issue where the Option to redirect the user to “Message” or “URL” doesn’t work for Membership that Requires Approval and Membership that Requires Confirmation.
    • Fixed issue where the configured redirect for PayPerPost doesn’t work.
  • WordPress
    • Replaced deprecated wp_login() function with wp_authenticate()