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WishList Member v3.10 Build 7588

What’s New

  • ConvertKit – Added tags support
    • Tag Actions – This new feature allows the admin to define the following actions when a tag is applied to or removed from a contact in ConvertKit
      • Add the user to membership levels
      • Remove the user from membership levels
      • Cancel the user from membership levels
      • Uncancel the user from membership levels
      • Add the user to pay per posts
      • Remove the user from pay per posts
    • Membership Level Actions – Added support to add/remove tags from a contact in ConvertKit when a member is added to or removed/cancelled/uncancelled from membership levels in WishList Member
  • Zapier – Added Zap Templates
  • Elementor – Added WishList Member conditional support for widgets

Updates & Fixes

  • Members
    • Export
      • Fixed the issue with exporting Non-Members as a CSV file where it keeps asking for a level to be selected even if “Non-Members” is already chosen
    • Data Privacy
      • Fixed the issue with using HTML tags inside Terms of Service Agreement text
    • Manage
      • Issue where the member is added to a level using todays date even if the admin scheduled the member to be added on a future date
      • Cause of the issue is this error. Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string
      • Added capability to add custom tabs to the member edit modal via the following hooks:
        • wishlistmember_member_edit_tabs (filter). Use this to add a custom tab to the member edit modal. Passes and expects in return an associative array of tabs with tab id as key and tab label as value
        • wishlistmember_member_edit_tab_pane-{tab_id} (action). Use this to display the tab content. Passes the user ID and expects nothing in return. {tab_id} is the tab id added via wishlistmember_member_edit_tabs
  • Levels
    • Level Actions
      • Pay Per Post > Create Post
        • Added support for Elementor content as template
        • Pages created using template made in Elementor lose their styles because of corrupted data
      • Fixed time not the same with Sequential Upgrade and WordPress
  • Content Protection
    • Increased the width of levels and status dropdowns from 120px to 130px
    • We now automatically enable protection for child post’s post type if
      protection is passed to it
    • Only display the message that the content needs to be protected if it is not protected
  • Global Email Notification
    • Fixed recipient and subject line not being applied to level when “Apply Settings to Membership Levels” is selected
  • Content Control
    • Fixed bug where Message error page is empty
    • Content Archiver
      • Fixed issue with access to a level when Archiver date is not set for a level
        It was not possible to provide access for a post to a non-archived level when the post was scheduled to be archived by other levels. This issue is fixed now and the admin can grant access to an Archiver post using a non-archived level by leaving the Archiver date empty
      • Fixed issue with access to a level when Archiver date is not set for a level
    • Content Manager
      • Fixed the issue where the schedules added to Content Manager are not being processed
  • Integrations
    • Payment Provider
      • Stripe
        • Added support for changing of credit card for existing user
        • Added support for Stripe Promotion Codes and the use of Coupon names instead of just Coupon IDs
      • 2Checkout
        • Fixed the issue when trying to add the 2Checkout Thank You / Notification URL in 2CO’s site shows the message “Error setting the IPN” and prevents the URL to get added
      • WooCommerce
        • Fixed the issue with Registration Date Reset when renewing an expired WooCommerce Subscription for a level with Fixed Term Expiration
        • Fixed compatibility issue with WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options where the editor cannot be switched from Visual to Text and the content appears to be blank even when it’s not. In the WooCommerce product metabox panel the error message “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” is displayed
    • Other Provider
      • BuddyBoss
        • Fixed an issue where BuddyBoss social groups that are marked as hidden would not show up in the Add to Group dropdown and Group Actions tab
        • Fixed issue where the BuddyBoss Integration page doesn’t load due to a JavaScript error when there’s a profile type with a non-English name (eg. دايتشن)
      • Code Redemption
        • Trimmed trailing commas in export CSV file to avoid confusion when viewing the CSV file in a text editor
        • Fixed issue where importing .csv and .xls files doesn’t work when the user has Microsoft Excel installed on their computer
        • Updated the Code Redemption campaign tooltip found in Actions Tab
      • Sensei LMS
        • Fixed issue where users are being added to the Course but not being enrolled on the newer version of Sensei LMS
      • All LMS Integrations
        • Fixed the bug where expired and cancelled members are included when Checkbox is checked to add existing members
  • Sequential Upgrade
    • Fixed remove action not shown as saved even if it is actually being saved in the database
    • Issue where the wishlistmember_sequential_upgrade cron event isn’t being scheduled which causes the automatic sequential upgrade via cron to not work
  • Compatibility
    • Kaliforms
      • Fixed the issue issue where the builder javascript for Kaliforms is conflicting with WishList Member
  • API
    • POST /levels
      • Fixed issue where the default expiration option when creating a level via wlmapi_create_level() function is “Fixed Term” with 7 days. The patch sets the expiration option to “Ongoing” if no expiration parameters is passed
    • POST /levels/{level_id}/members
      • Fixed issue where it incorrectly sets the level registration date to current date + expiration time if the level has expiration enabled and registration date reset for expired levels is enabled
      • Fixed the issue where registration/expiration dates are wrong when the reset registration date option is enabled and the user is already a member of that level or another level
    • PUT /members
      • Fixed API not removing pay per posts passed via “RemoveLevels” when
        calling PUT /members
  • Hooks
    • Deprecated wishlistmember3_*wlm_*, and wlmem_* actions in favor of wishlistmember_* for consistency. Using the deprecated actions will trigger a deprecated action notice as describe in https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/do_action_deprecated/
    • wishlistmember_save_email_provider
      • Added $id and $ar[ $id ] parameters in addition to the existing $data parameter to the wishlistmember_save_email_provider action
        • $data is the data received from the ajax call with autoresponder_id removed
        • $id parameter is the autoresponder_id (ie convertkit)
        • $ar[ $id ] is the data saved for the Autoresponder
        • Refreshed autoresponder data returned to ajax call if wishlistmember_save_email_provider action has run
  • PHP Notices
    • Undefined property: WishListMember3::$taxonomyIds
    • Undefined variable: partial, Undefined index
    • Undefined offset: 0
    • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)