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WishList Member v3.10 Build 7604

Payment Providers

  • WooCommerce
    • Fixed user not being added to level for one-time orders marked as processing

Email Providers

  • Mailchimp
    • Fixed issue with MailChimp integration failing.
  • Sendfox
    • Fixed issue where the API only retrieves the first 10 mailing lists. (eg. if the account has 23 mailing lists, our select box only shows the first 10).

Other Providers

  • Zapier
    • Fixed Zapier handler being called if ‘/zapier/’ is in the query string even if the request is not from Zapier


  • Comments
    • Fixed issue where logged in users can still access protected comments on a content (eg. page/posts) even though they don’t have access to it.


  • Removed DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP from the datetime column definition for the _wlm_logs table as it is not supported by MySQL 5.5 and lower
  • Added 500 and 1000 per page options to the pagination drop down


  • Level Actions
    • Fixed the accuracy of registration dates of level(s) that are added/moved through level actions.
    • Fixed the bug where the schedules for level actions does not include calculating the GMT offset of WP time zone.
    • Fixed the bug where the level Action MOVE will only add the member(s) to the selected level(s) but will not remove them from the trigger level.


  • POST /levels/{level_id}/members
    • Fixed admin notification emails for “New Members” not being sent when the user’s level is added via /levels/{level_id}/members call.

Content Manager

  • Fixed the label typo in Content Control Manager repost action: “Repitition” -> “Repetition”.