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WishList Member v3.11 Build 7691


  • Email Notifications
    • Fix: HTML tags are stripped out when editing the email templates using the Source Code button pop-up in the TinyMCE.
    • Fix: Tinymce converts shortcodes inserted as URLs into relative URLs so that [[confirmurl]] becomes mysite.com/[[confirmurl]].
  • Level Actions
    • Removed code requiring setting of timezone when scheduling and processing level actions.

Payment Providers

  • 2Checkout
    • Added Billing Address Fields for 2Checkout Payment Form Pop-up.
  • WooCommerce
    • Fix: Issue where existing Pay Per Posts of the user are removed when they purchase new Levels/Pay Per Posts via WooCommerce products.
  • Paypal Checkout
    • Fix: Payment links not working and is showing the message “There has been a critical error on this website.” in PHP 8.0.

Email Providers

  • ActiveCampaign
    • Added tag actions.
      • Add/remove/cancel/uncancel member from level based on whether a contact is added/remove from a tag in ActiveCampaign.
      • Add/remove member from Pay Per Post based on whether a contact is added/remove from a tag in ActiveCampaign.
    • Replaced lists with membership level actions which supports:.
      • Allow adding/removing of contact to and from lists based on membership level actions.
      • Allow adding/removing of contact to and from tags based on membership level actions.
  • ConvertKit
    • Fix: Weird empty option showing up when clearing lists dropdown.

Other Providers

  • New Integrations under Other Providers
    • Presto Player
      • Records video progress every page visit instead of by date.
    • Integrately
    • Pabbly
  • BuddyBoss
    • Fix: Buddyboss integration page just shows a white page if one of the BuddyBoss Profile type has a special character (e.g. -)#$).
    • Fix: Can’t edit Profile Type Actions.
  • Elementor
    • Fix: Cancelled and Expired Members to a level is able to access sections/widgets.
  • Multiple LMS integrations
    • Fix: LMS integration not respecting level registration requirements when adding users to courses. Affected LMS integrations are eLearnCommerce, LearnDash, LifterLMS, SenseiLMS, TutorLMS, WPCourseware.


  • Export
    • Fix: Exporting members is not working due to a 302 redirect.
    • Fix: Clicking the Pay Per Posts link for a user opens the modal for the admin ( User ID #1 ).
  • Sequential Upgrade
    • Removed code requiring setting of timezone when displaying, saving and processing sequential upgrade.
    • Added WP timezone to displayed “ondate” for clarity.
  • Data Privacy
    • Option to disable IP address tracking globally under Members > Data Privacy.
    • Option to disable IP address tracking per user under Members > Manage > (Edit) > Advanced.

Content Archiver

  • Fix: Displaying some of existing archived posts at the front page.

Global Defaults

  • Email
    • Fix: Subjects and messages of certain messages cannot be reset to their original pristine values.

Other Fixes and Updates

  • Plugin Activation
    • Fatal error on plugin activation.
  • Expiration Date
    • Fix: Expiration Date inconsistency issue. Depending on the WordPress Timezone Settings, the Expiration Date under the member menu might display one day earlier than the actual Expiration Date that is set under Specific Date Expiration for a level.
  • Member Action Button
    • Added parameter to specify a different button label if the configured button action cannot be performed.
    • Added parameter to hide the button if the configured button action cannot be performed.
    • Added parameter for requiring admin approval.
    • Added Parameter for requiring email confirmation.
    • Make use of AJAX submit when possible.
      • Redirects are made when button is configured to do so.
      • Button is refreshed when button is configured to “return” instead of.
  • Profile Photo
    • Overrode gravatar display if profile photo is uploaded in WishList Member.
    • Attempt to resize and crop profile photo to 512×512.
    • Moved [wlm_profilephoto] shortcode code to features/profile.
    • Hid gravatar link on WP Profile if WishList Member is handling the photo.
    • Added timestamp to photo uploads to prevent caching of new uploads.
  • Partial code cleanup
    • Applied WordPress coding standards compliance.
    • Added function doc headers.
    • Split code into traits.
    • Minor code refactorization.
  • Fix: Typo “Confirmaation” to “Confirmation”.
  • Fix: MySQL error when syncing content due to incorrect delete query with join.
  • Compatibility
    • Added compatibility with GeoDirectory plugin to fix an issue where any page set as Search Page using the GeoDirectory Plugin will cause WishList Member protection to not work on that page.
  • Magic Page
    • Removed content from magic page.
    • Displayed notice on magic page edit screen.
    • Removed protection settings on magic page.
  • Version requirements update
    • WordPress 5.0+.
    • PHP 5.6+ (PHP 7.4+ recommended).
    • MySQL 5.6+ OR MariaDB 10.1+.

Note: This release replaces WishList Member v3.11 Build 7688