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WishList Member v3.12 Build 7800

What’s New

Gutenberg Blocks Protection

  • Added setting that allows the user to select who can access the Gutenberg blocks.


  • Added wishlistmember_get_option_{option_name} filter to GetOption method
  • Added actions when a level expires or unexpires. Requires WP Cron to run regularly. Actions added are:
    • wishlistmember_expire_user_levels: triggered when a membership expires
    • wishlistmember_unexpire_user_levels: triggered when a membership unexpires (ie. when level expiration settings are changed)

Updates and Fixes

Payment Providers

  • ThriveCart
    • Fix issue where the upsell level isn’t being process by integrations such as BuddyBoss, FluentCRM and TutorLMS.
  • Plug&Paid
    • Fixed an issue where the Plug&Paid webhook type “recurring_subscription_fail” is not handled by WishList Member.
  • PayPal Express Checkout
    • Fixed: Multiple Smart Payment Buttons of the same product on the same page are displayed grouped together instead of in the spots where the shortcodes are actually dropped.
  • WooCommerce
    • Fixed the issue where expired levels remain expired even after a member re-purchased the product.
  • RedOakCart
    • Moved RedOakCart to legacy integrations.
  • All integrations that integrate with the API
    • Changed “API Key” label to “API Key / Diguest Auth Password”

Email Providers

  • FluentCRM
    • Fix issue where the PayPerPosts aren’t being saved in the “Tag Actions” section
    • Fixed typos in Editing Level Actions. Changed “When When Added, When When Cancelled, When When Removed and When When Re-registered” to “When Added, When Cancelled, When Removed and When Re-registered”.

Other Providers

  • Divi
    • Fixed an issue where editing with Divi Builder causes the page to reload non-stop.
  • Webhook
    • Fixed issue where the “Email Confirmation Reminder” set in the Level’s settings doesn’t work when the user is added through the Webhook Integration.
    • Fixed: Level transaction ID not being included in level data sent by outgoing webhook
    • Added trigger and trigger_levels to post data being sent by outgoing webbook
      • @type string $trigger Trigger name.
      • @type array $trigger_levels Array of level IDs.
    • Used wishlistmember_pre_remove_user_levels instead of wishlistmember_remove_user_levels
  • Zapier
    • Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as zapier/handler.php:164
  • ELearnCommerce, LifterLMS, Tutor LMS and SenseiLMS
    • Fixed typos in editing actions on Course tab of these particular LMS. Changed “When Completed the Course” to “When Course is Completed”.


  • Fixed issue where the registration date in the Advance tab doesn’t match the registration date in the Member’s list.
  • Fixed (Registeration) typo.


  • Fixed broken backup due to modified post data handling.

Content Control

  • Content Manager
    • Fixed an issue where the content manager schedules gets processed earlier or later than the set time because they are processed based on UTC time instead of WordPress time.
  • Content Scheduler
    • Next and Previous post navigation does not work when content scheduler is activated

Advanced Options

  • Passwords
    • Fixed the issue where the administrator is being locked out of the wp-admin area and is receiving the “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” message on a WordPress multisite. This only happens when the WishList Member plugin is network activated and “Password Changed” Admin Notification is disabled.
  • API
    • Changed “API Key” label to “API Key / Diguest Auth Password”


  • Fix issue where the function wlmapi_manage_post only works on posts, not on pages.


  • Javascript
    • Fixed missing dependency wishlistmember-wlm_member_action_button-shortcode-insert-js. This error shows up in the Query Monitor plugin under “Scripts”.
  • PHP
    • Fixed Unparenthesized nested ternary
    • Fixed Unsupported operand types preventing activation of WishList Member on some sites.
    • Fixed warning “A non-numeric value encountered”.
  • Code cleanup on a few files to meet WordPress Coding Standards

Files Changed


  • classes/class-level-methods-hooks.php
  • features/gutenberg-integration/main.php
  • features/wlm-for-woo/main.php
  • integrations/gutenberg/config.php
  • integrations/gutenberg/handler.php
  • integrations/gutenberg/logo.png
  • integrations/gutenberg/wlm-blocks.css
  • integrations/gutenberg/wlm-blocks.js


  • classes/class-backup-methods.php
  • classes/class-content-methods.php
  • classes/class-email-broadcast-methods.php
  • classes/class-file-protection-methods.php
  • classes/class-folder-protection-methods.php
  • classes/class-level-methods.php
  • classes/class-member-methods.php
  • classes/class-payperpost-methods.php
  • classes/class-registration-methods.php
  • classes/class-system-pages-methods.php
  • classes/class-user-level-methods.php
  • classes/class-utility-methods.php
  • classes/class-wishlistmember3.php
  • classes/wishlist-member3-actions.php
  • classes/wishlist-member3-core.php
  • classes/wishlist-member3-hooks.php
  • features/member-action-button/class-member-action-button.php
  • features/sequential-upgrade/class-sequential-upgrade.php
  • helpers/tinymce_shortcode_inserter_lightbox.php
  • integrations/emails/drip2/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/emails/fluentcrm/admin/modals/level-modal.php
  • integrations/emails/fluentcrm/admin/modals/tag-modal.php
  • integrations/emails/fluentcrm/assets/admin.js
  • integrations/emails/fluentcrm/handler.php
  • integrations/emails/mailpoet/handler.php
  • integrations/others/buddyboss/handler.php
  • integrations/others/coderedemption/init.php
  • integrations/others/divi/handler.php
  • integrations/others/elearncommerce/admin/modals/course-modal.php
  • integrations/others/integrately/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/others/lifterlms/admin/modals/course-modal.php
  • integrations/others/pabbly/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/others/responsesuite/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/others/senseilms/admin/modals/course-modal.php
  • integrations/others/tutorlms/admin/modals/course-modal.php
  • integrations/others/tutorlms/handler.php
  • integrations/others/webhooks/handler.php
  • integrations/others/zapier/handler.php
  • integrations/payments/jvzoo/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/payments/payblue/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/payments/paykickstart/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/payments/plugnpaid/handler.php
  • integrations/payments/redoakcart/config.php
  • integrations/payments/samcart/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/payments/sendowl/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/payments/thrivecart/admin/tabs/settings.php
  • integrations/payments/woocommerce/handler.php
  • legacy/core/API2.php
  • legacy/core/Class.php
  • legacy/core/content-control/manager.php
  • legacy/core/content-control/scheduler.php
  • legacy/core/Functions.php
  • legacy/core/TinyMCEPlugin.php
  • legacy/core/WLMDB.php
  • legacy/extlib/wlm_drip/Drip_API.class.php
  • legacy/lib/integration.shoppingcart.1shoppingcart.init.php
  • legacy/lib/integration.shoppingcart.authorizenet-arb.init.php
  • legacy/lib/integration.shoppingcart.eway.php
  • legacy/lib/integration.shoppingcart.infusionsoft.init.php
  • legacy/lib/integration.shoppingcart.paypalec.init.php
  • legacy/lib/integration.shoppingcart.spreedly.php
  • legacy/wpm.php
  • ui/admin_screens/advanced_settings/api.php
  • ui/admin_screens/dashboard/modals/shortcode.php
  • ui/admin_screens/members/manage.php
  • ui/admin_screens/members/manage/edit_user.php
  • ui/admin_screens/setup/integrations/email_provider.php
  • ui/admin_screens/setup/integrations/other_provider.php
  • ui/admin_screens/setup/integrations/payment_provider.php
  • wpm.php
  • classes/api-auth-digest.php -> classes/class-api-auth-digest.php
  • classes/apikey.php -> classes/class-apikey.php
  • classes/autoresponder.php -> classes/class-autoresponder.php
  • classes/level-options.php -> classes/class-level-options.php
  • classes/level.php -> classes/class-level.php
  • classes/logs.php -> classes/class-logs.php
  • classes/pagination.php -> classes/class-pagination.php
  • classes/shortcodes.php -> classes/class-shortcodes.php
  • classes/system-info.php -> classes/class-system-info.php
  • classes/user-search.php -> classes/class-user-search.php
  • classes/user.php -> classes/class-user.php