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WishList Member v3.14 Build 8319

Payment Providers

  • Generic Integration
    • Fixed an issue where other integration actions will not get triggered when the new member registered through Generic integration and the “auto-create accounts for integrations” level setting is enabled.
    • Fixed the broken redirect link after registering through Generic integration due to the URL being escaped.
  • Plug&Paid
    • Fixed issue where some of the events sent by Plug&Paid to the API Notification URL (Webhook URL) results in a 302 error which disables the Webhook URL of the client on their Plug&Paid Account.
  • WooCommerce
    • Seeing error notices due to product properties should be accessed directly.
  • Paypal Payment Standard
    • Issue where WLM stopped redirecting 0$ trial subscriptions even with the incomplete registration already created for the user.
    • Extended the PAYPAL IPN wait time for 0$ trial from 15 seconds to 60 seconds (10 * 6 seconds to accommodate delayed IPN arrivals.

Email Providers

  • ConvertKit
    • Fixed an issue where ConvertKit Tag actions tab will show no results when a tag is deleted on ConvertKit’s end while it’s still connected to a Tag Action.

Other Providers

  • Learndash
    • Fixed minor typo.
  • eLearnCommerce
    • Fixed issue where enabling the eLearnCommerce integration displays the settings even though the plugin is not installed and activated.
  • Slack
    • Removed the Video tutorial and replaced it with a link to a KB Article.
  • Gutenberg
    • Fixed an issue where Legacy WooCommerce Blocks causes a fatal error when protected due to the block value being NULL.
    • Fatal error when the “Restrict access to this block” is enabled on a block and WooCommerce is enabled.


  • Fixed incorrect email notification sending behavior when set to “Send Email Notification”
  • Fixed edit member modal not opening when payperpost is clicked
  • CourseCure – Points/Badges/Quizzes tab.
    • Fixed issue where the links coming from CourseCure that opens up the corresponding tab in the user data’s modal results in the error “Invalid Member”.
  • Fix for an issue where updating the user’s data through the Modal removes the admin role of the user.
    • This happens when a user has multiple roles (eg. Administrator and bbp_keymaster).
    • In this case the bbp_keymaster will be the one selected and displayed instead of the Administrator role which removes the admin role when the user updates.
  • Fixed issue where the Scheduled date is being adjusted two days back (eg. selecting May 29, 2022 will display the date as May 27, 2022 after saving it) when doing a schedule move and the WordPress Timezone doesn’t match the Server’s timezone.

Pay Per Posts

  • Fixed post types filter showing “Show All” without post type name
  • Added filter for users payperpost list when wlm_userpayperpost shortcode is used
    • Filter wishlistmember_payperpost_shortcode_user_ppplist ( (array) $user_ppplist)

Content Scheduler

  • Fixed a bug with Content Scheduler shortcode not following the ‘showpost’ parameter and showing the filtered extra posts as untitled and have broken schedule date.


  • Fixed an issue with calling GET /members with the filter user_login or user_email not working.
  • Fixed an issue where GET /members with or without filters isn’t working for WordPress Multisites.
  • Fixed the issue where GET /members without filters stopped working.


  • Fixed wlm_date() fatal error if $timestamp is not null or not an integer
  • Added a filter for post id when retrieving the redirect url so that other plugins could hook into it
    • Filter: wishlistmember_redirect_url_post_id ( (int) $post_id, (string) $perpage_type )
  • WishList Member inline CSS
    • Only display inline CSS in relevant pages – that is those that show any of the following:
      • WishList Member Registration Form
      • WishList Member Login Form
      • WishList Member Widget
    • Added new tooltips to different sections of the WishList Member settings pages.
  • Fixed a bunch of PHP Warnings and Notices
  • Fixed broken WP profile page when running WP 6.0 + PHP 8.