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WishList Member v3.14 Build 8337

  • Fixed [wlm_register] shortcode not staying on page where the shortcode is placed if there is a registration error.
  • Fixed PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Value Error: Unknown format specifier “S”
  • Fixed select2 double escaping data-* values such as data-placeholder and the like
  • Fixed calls to undefined functions wlm_trim() and wlm_get_data() in version requirements checker
  • Internationalization
    • Switched from using internal wlm.translate() to WP 5.0+’s built-in wp.i18n.__() and wp.i18n.sprintf() functions
    • Separated loading of main.js and wlm.js to benefit from JS translation
    • Added missing translators comments
    • Added domain path to plugin header