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WishList Member v3.15.0

What’s New

  • Added field mapping to the ActiveCampaign email integration
  • Added Pay Per Post support to WebHooks integration.
  • Updated [wlm_loginform] merge code to use AJAX when possible allowing it to stay on-page for invalid logins, password resets and one-time login requests
  • Added time selector to scheduled actions under Members > Manage


  • Fixed Automizy email integration showing as connected even if there’s no API key provided
  • Fixed Sequential Upgrade table not showing.
  • Fixed incorrect “Free Registration URL” for Pay Per Posts
  • Fixed SVG icons being pushed down in the WordPress admin bar
  • Fixed MySQL duplicate entry warning when setting membership levels
  • Fixed API issue where all Pay Per Posts are removed when adding/removing Pay Per Posts
  • Fixed Fatal error when doing a scheduled remove action.

Actions and Filters

  • Added wishlistmember_payment_integration_levels filter – Filters the payment integration levels
  • Added wishlistmember_payment_integration_levels_labels filter – Filters the payment integration level labels
  • Added wishlistmember_registration_id filter – Filter the registration URL ID
  • Added wishlistmember_payperpost_added action – Triggerd when a Pay Per Posts is added to a member
  • Added wishlistmember_payperpost_removed action – Triggerd when a Pay Per Posts is removed from a member
  • Added wishlistmember_login_form_shortcode filter – Filters the login form markup
  • Added wishlistmember_profile_form_shortcode_is_processed filter – Filters the processed status of the [wlm_profileform] merge code