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WishList Member v3.17.1

WooCommerce Integration

  • Fixed issue where member’s levels aren’t being cancelled when their subscription is cancelled through WooCommerce Subscription Plugin.

Thrive Apprentice

  • Updated text in integrations section to better describe what it does and where to configure things.

Divi Integration

  • Fixed for the issue where Divi says there’s a plugin conflict on the post/page editor when the Divi setting “Enable The Latest Divi Builder Experience” is disabled.


  • Fixed issue where user registration action is still triggered even if wishlistmember_suppress_other_integrations is called.


  • Fixed wlm_counter pulling data from the wrong source
  • [ wlm_loginform ] shortcode now defaults to the old behaviour where users are redirected to the WP Login Page if there’s an error on the username/password the user inputs. Additional paramater ajax_login=1 is required for the ajax behaviour to work.
    Ajax Login Shortcode should be : [ wlm_loginform ajax_login=1 ]


  • Fixed SQL error on new installs because there are no levels.
  • Updated the version check to not show “build”.
  • Reset tabs inside of Integration Modals to the first tab when opening modals.