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WishList Member v3.19.0

What’s New

  • Setup Wizard and Checklist
    • Revamped the Getting Started Wizard and added a Membership Success Checklist on the WishList Member Dashboard.
    • Moved “Support” and “Tools” panels to bottom left of the WishList Member Dashboard

WooCommerce Integration

  • Fixed issue where members are not added into level when purchasing a variable product/subscription.
  • Fixed issue where there’s an extra Admin “New Member” and “Welcome Email” notifications with no Membership level names being sent when someone purchases a WooCommerce product connected to a WishList Member Level/PayPerPost.
  • Fixed “Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: string * float” on Global Pricing’s Percentage Discount


  • Fixed issue where user account is not created and added to a level if the connection is made through an upsell instead of a main product.


  • Added the “When Level Expires” action for Buddyboss integration.


  • Fixed issue where the user gets redirected to a white page after entering payment information and completing the SCA process.


  • Updated the recaptcha label to “Require reCAPTCHA” to match the labels shown in the Membership Level’s settings.
  • Updated “id” to “ID” as the lower case version for the user class has been deprecated for some time when using the [ wlm_profileform ] shortcode.
  • Fixed issue where the dropdown on the custom registration form is not saving correctly when the option has foreign characters on it (eg. Réseaux sociaux).
  • Fixed “PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: string + int” which causes the WLM >> Advance Options >> Logins settings page to not load when the “login_limit” value saved in the database is empty.