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WishList Member v3.2 Build 6754


  • Removed upgrade button if license key is not provided


  • Levels
    • New: Level Actions
    • New: Auto-Create Accounts for Integrations
    • Supported reCaptcha v3
  • Integations
    • Payment Providers
      • New: plug&paid Integration
      • PayPal Checkout
        • Added IPN Forwarding
        • Fixed Double recurring commission being issued to iDevAffiliate
      • WooCommerce
        • Fixed broken products list if a previously configured product has been deleted in WooCommerce
        • Fixed WooCommerce product dropdown only listing a max of 10 products
        • Displayed “Choose a Membership Level or Pay Per Post” in the Access dropdown if there are pay per posts enabled
    • Email Providers
      • New: MailerLite Integration
      • SendFox
        • Added unsubscribe support
      • AWeber
        • Fixed issue with AWeber Disconnect button
    • Other Providers
      • New: Slack Integration
      • New: Tutor LMS Integration
      • New: BuddyBoss Integration
      • iDevAffiliate
        • Fixed Double recurring commission being issued from PayPal Checkout
    • All
      • Scroll to top when selecting an integration
      • Resized integration logos


  • Manage
    • Added email notification options when adding a level to a member
    • Added email notification options when canceling and uncanceling a member’s levels

Advanced Options

  • Passwords
    • Added the feature to Disable Password Change Notifications to Admin.

File Protection

  • Fixed broken .htaccess and nginx config file when upgrading WishList Member in WordPress Multisite

Post/Page Options

  • Fixed CSS conflicts with other plugins
  • Fixed select2 conflict with Content Aware Sidebars by disabling post/page options for this post type
  • Restored protection of CartFlows post types
  • Restored protection of WooCommerce products and subscriptions
  • Pay Per Post Access
    • Added option to turn a pay per post into an after login page if a user has access to it.


  • Added support for [wlm_logouturl] which outputs a logout URL.

Login Redirects

  • Fixed broken global custom after login redirect for Pay Per Posts
  • Fixed after redirect going to homepage instead of global if no other settings (per level, pay perpost, etc) are set


  • Added translation for the words Strong, Weak and Hide for registration forms


  • Conflicts
    • Fixed CSS conflicts with the .switch class of other plugins
    • Fixed conflict with Divi Carousel breaking WishList Member admin CSS
    • Fixed conflict with All-in-One Addons for Elementor – WidgetKit Plugin breaking WishList Member admin CSS
    • Fixed multiple magic pages being created due to possible plugin conflict
    • Fixed select2 conflict with Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce
  • PHP
    • Fixed Fatal error: Allowed memory size on sites hosted on one.com
    • Fixed notice caused by undeclared variable in WishListMemberCore::SaveOption()
  • WordPress
    • Plugins Page
      • Display “Manual Update Required” if upgrading from WordPress plugins section with an empty WishList Member license key
      • Fixed bug introduced in build 6654 causing plugin updates and installs via WordPress to fail
    • Profile Page
      • Fixed issue where duplicate WishList Member address fields are showing in the WordPress profile page.
      • Removed website field on the “Additional Registration Information” in Profile Page.
      • Removed website, firstname and last fields on the “Additional Registration Information” in Profile Page when Admin is viewing the it.
    • Replaced deprecated get_userdatabylogin() with get_user_by()
  • Cookies
    • We no longer set the wlm_test_cookie on init
    • Renamed wlm_test_cookie to wlm_login_cookie
  • Changed WishList Member icon
  • Remove “WishList Member” from the page title when displaying error messages