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WishList Member v3.2 Build 6796


  • Levels
    • Auto-create accounts for integrations
      • Enabled auto-login for newly created accounts when possible. Note that existing accounts will not be automatically logged in
    • Registrations
      • New: Automatically Add non-WishList Member User Registrations to a Level. This feature automatically adds a newly registered user that didn’t go through WishList Member to the membership level
  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • plug&paid
        • Supported handling of subscription cancellations, refunds and declined orders
      • PayPal Checkout
        • Updated code so that iDevAffiliate recurring commissions won’t be process for the initial trial payment
      • WooCommerce
        • Auto-login new customers
    • Email Providers
      • New: MailPoet
    • Other Providers
      • BuddyBoss
        • Added checking if Buddy Boss is active or not
      • TutorLMS
        • Fixed layout inconsistency with select2
  • Getting Started Wizard
    • Made sorting of integrations case-insensitive


  • Manage
    • Fixed “approval email” being sent to all selected users on mass approval even if some of the selected users were not affected (i.e. already approved members)

Post/Page Options

  • Fixed height not adjusting when multiple selection is made
  • Fixed select2 inside Thickbox not showing dropdown due to low z-index


  • Changed WishList Member 3.1 to just WishList Member in plugin name and description
  • Added settings link for WishList Member in the WordPress plugins page when WishList Member is active
  • Fixed styling conflict with publitio and publitio offloading
  • Fixed text overlap on toggle switches due to .switch CSS conflict
  • PHP
    • Fixed problem where site can’t be accessed due to error because of duplicate class declaration
    • Notice: Undefined property: WishListMember3::$MailSubject
    • Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$post_status
    • Notice: Undefined offset: 0
  • Deleted unused legacy/libexp/integration.shoppingcart.authorize.php
  • Conflicts.txt
    • Removed WP Shopping Cart
    • Removed Loop Buddy