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WishList Member v3.3 Build 6900


  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • Paypal Checkout
        • We no longer run ShoppingCartReactivate on Skipped recurring payments
        • We no longer run ShoppingCartReactivate on recurring_payment_failed
      • WooCommerce
        • Added wishlist member to the woocommerce products meta box
        • Linked order to wlm created account so it properly displays in the WooCommerce “My Accounts” section
        • Update billing and shipping user meta based on order billing and shipping address
      • Stripe
        • Moved coupon code field from after the credit card field to before it
        • Fixed Logged in users who has payment method (CreditCard token) saved on their account are unable to purchase other Stripe buttons and are seeing this error instead. “An Error Occured while processing payment, please try again Reason: Could not determine which URL to request: WLMSTripePaymentMethod instand has invalid ID:”
      • Plug&paid
        • Added support for free products
    • Email Providers
      • MailPoet
        • Changed functionality from basic subscribe/unsubscribe to action-based subscription
    • Other Providers
      • Added WebHooks integration
      • Zapier
        • Fix bug where Zaps got disconnected because it can’t authenticate due to URL encoding on the Zapier side
        • Returned a descriptive error message to zapier if add_member_to_level is called but the passed email does not exist
      • GotoWebinar API
        • Fixed issue where it just shows “API Status: Checking” when there’s no authorization code added
        • Fixed issue where the authorization code authorization fails even if the user uses the correct code
  • Levels
    • Levels that require Confirmation and Approval no longer trigger Sequential Upgrade and Level Action
    • Actions
      • Set default Email Notification to “Don’t Send” when migrating from Add to feature
      • Fixed empty Level Actions Notification Dropdown
      • Fixed Level Action Sends Email even if set not to send
      • Fixed non-working Inherit Parent Status
    • Email Notifications
      • New user email notification
        • Updated email notifications sending options from just Yes/No to the following:
          • Send Email
          • Send Email ONLY to New Members
          • Do NOT Send Email
      • Expiring email notification
        • Modified behavior so that expiring email notification is only sent once instead of daily
        • Changed “Send” to “Send Once”
        • Updated tooltips
    • ReCaptcha
      • Fixed ReCaptcha failing when server has allow_url_fopen disabled


  • Manage
    • Added capability to reset a user’s RSS Feed URL
    • Added minimal view for members list. Minimal will not display membership levels
    • Fixed alignment issues of checkboxes in manage members table

Advanced Options

  • RSS
    • Added option to limit the number of unique IPs that are allowed to access a protected feed in a day

Content Control

  • Scheduler
    • Fixed missing table name in MySQL query

API 1.0

Scripts and Styles

  • Select2
    • Fixed styling for select2 inside .input-group
    • Moved our select2 loaded outside of WishList Member’s admin screens from jQuery.fn.select2 to jQuery.fn.wlmselect2 to prevent conflicts. This should fix javascript conflicts with select2 on:
      • Post/page options
      • Appearance > menus
  • Fixed issue where certain plugins remove our query string when loading our CSS and Javascript causing styles and scripts to be broken
  • Fix date picker styling issues in post page


  • WordPress Multisite
    • Fix issue where network activating WishList Member kicks out the admin from WordPress
  • Email template merge codes
    • Fixed swapped incomplete registration url value and text
    • Added [wlm_custom xxxx] merge code to email templates shortcodes dropdown
  • Conflicts
    • Fixed issue where the sender email and address when sending an email with WP Mail Bank Pro is set to [email protected]
    • Fixed conflict with SenseiLMS
  • PHP
    • Fixed __return_false passed as constant and not a string to remove_filter causing php warning
    • Fixed critical error issue when a member tries to verify his email address by visiting the Email Confirmation Link