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WishList Member v3.3 Build 6910


  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • WooCommerce
        • Fixed: WooCommerce Linked Products list does not load
        • Fixed: WooCommerce Link New Product not working
    • Other Providers
      • WebHooks
        • Fixed: incoming webhooks cannot be deleted
        • Updated the incoming webhooks list to display the webhook url ID if no name is provided
      • Zapier
        • Fixed: temp email and temp login being sent to Zapier if the registration is incomplete. We now only send info to Zapier once the registration has been completed.


  • Fixed broken loading of Styles and Scripts when using JetPack
    • Updated the way that styles and scripts are loaded so that they are no longer done via the query string wlm3cssjs.
  • Fixed typo in content of magic page
  • Fixed incorrect self check of magic page
  • Updated code that makes use of get_magic_quotes_gpc(). This function is deprecated in PHP 7.4.0 and always returns false in PHP 5.4.0