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WishList Member v3.3 Build 6939

Payment Provider

  • WooCommerce
    • Fixed: Broken WooCommerce integration introduced in v3.3.6937

Note: WishList Member v3.3.6939 replaces WishList Member v3.3.6937 as an official release and contains the same updates as listed below.


  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • WooCommerce
        • Fixed: Admin cannot delete any post if the integration is active while the WooCommerce plugin is inactive
      • Stripe
        • Made the tables more responsive for mobile devices.

Content Control

  • Content Archiver
    • Allowed past dates when setting archive date
    • Fixed issue where the user loses access to an archived content when at least one of their levels has a date outside of the archived date even though they have other levels that has an access to the archived content.

Legacy API

  • Restored legacy API back into WishList Member
  • Changed remote calls to call methods as non-static as all Legacy API methods are defined as non-static methods to begin with