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WishList Member v3.4 Build 7064

New Integrations

  • Elementor
  • Lifter LMS


  • Fixed issue where protected files keep getting unprotected.


  • Fixed: Level inheritance where child levels inherit parent level settings even if the parent is no longer in a member
  • Added pagination if there is more than 25 levels on the page
  • Fix issue where RedOakCart, Ultracart and Generic integrations doesn’t account for the delay as set under Registration > Enable Auto-Created Accounts for Integrations
  • Fix issue where the set “Username Format” isn’t being applied.


  • Fixed: Configured after registration redirect for PayPerPost doesn’t work.
  • Fixed Member Notifications Email issue with Image HTML tag
  • Fixed pay per post title not showing when editing
  • Added sort parameter to wlm_userpayperpost shortcode. values can be ascending or descending. default is ascending


  • Fixed: Removing items from dropdowns that accept multiple values don’t work. Affected integrations are:
    • Payment Provider: Infusionsoft
    • Email Provider: ActiveCampaign, Drip, iContact, Infusionsoft, Mad Mimi, MailChimp, Maropost, Ontraport, Sendlane
    • Other Services: BuddyBoss Platform, eLearnCommerce, LearnDash, Sensei LMS, Tutor LMS, WebHooks, WP Courseware
  • Payment Providers
    • Fixed ntegrations that do not trigger when admin approves level with For Approval Status
    • WooCommerce
      • Fixed issue where protection doesn’t work for pages set as the WooCommerce “Shop Page”.
      • Grabbed address from WooCommerce order and added it to WishList Member user
    • Stripe
      • Added a setting on each of the Stripe products that allows Cancelling the Stripe Subscription when the membership level of the user gets cancelled in WishList Member.
  • Email Providers
    • MailerLite
      • Updated to action-based events
    • Moosend
      • Updated to action-based events
    • SendFox
      • Updated to action-based events
    • MailPoet
      • Fixed: Actions for removed and cancelled not working
    • InfusionSoft
      • Added support for uncancel actions
    • SendLane
      • Renamed Reregistered to Uncancelled
    • Other Services
    • Fixed: Data with ‘ and ” are saved as \‘ and \“
    • WebHooks
      • Fixed: Deleting an incoming webhooks deletes ALL incoming webhooks
      • Fixed implementation of new_users_only and new_members_only
      • Modified return values to return the error code
      • Added “new_members_only” parameter support for “add” actions. if set to true then we only allow registrations if there is at least one level in the webhook’s “add” configuration that the user is not yet a member of. field also accepts URL in which case the system will redirect to it on error.
      • Added “new_users_only” parameter support for “add” actions. if set to true then we only allow registrations if email is not yet in the database. field also accepts URL in which case the system will redirect to it on error.
      • Returned error on failure to add a member
      • If action is “add” and email already exists then add the levels to the existing user, otherwise create the user first then add the levels
      • Properly escaped quotes in list of configured incoming webhooks
      • Supported mapping of array keys such as field, field[data] and field[0]
      • Supported JSON post data (application/json has to be passed as content-type in the request header)
      • Added support to redirect to a specified url after post is processed by passing “redirect” with a URL as value in the post data
      • Returned {success:1} on successful requests
      • Updated code to obey level registration requirements
      • Updated code to obey level email notification settings
      • Swapped the actions and data mapping tabs
    • BuddyBoss
      • BuddyBoss and BuddyPress issues
        • BuddyPress – Fixed issue where BuddyPress pages like /groups/xxxxx/ and /members/xxxxx/ are no longer being protected by WishList Member.
        • BuddyBoss Platform – Fixed an issue where the styling of the Pop Up modal that appears when clicking the “New Discussion” button on the Groups pages gets messed up when WLM is activated.
      • Topics/Discussions
        • Fixed: First reply on topics/discussions disappears for normal members when the “Hide/Show” feature is enabled.
    • Evidence
      • Fixed: Sends temp email to Evidence
      • Included city, state, zip and country content in post
    • Slack
      • Fixed: Sends temp email to Slack
    • Tutor LMS
      • Added Complete Course Action for tutor LMS
    • Learndash Integration Loading
      • Remove JS checking of Learndash Plugin when opening Learndash Integration

Sequential Upgrade

  • Updated the User interface
  • Added option to send welcome email. there are three possible settings:
    • Do not send
    • Follow per level setting of the level being added to
    • Send email no matter what
  • Fixed REMOVE setting being lost after upgrading WishList Member


  • Fixed: WordPress tries to send out 2 emails – Password Changed and Email Changed. These fail because the email is invalid. The admin then gets 2 failed email notifications.
  • Fixed: Email confirmation redirect. user should be redirected to the after login page after email confirmation but is instead just redirect to the homepage

Advanced Options

  • Logins
    • Fixed issue where the “Login Limit Message” disappears when the message contains a single quote (‘).
    • Fix issue where the Login Limit Message is not being displayed when the user reaches the default login limit set and the “Allow WishList Member to Handle Logout Redirect” is enabled.
  • Global Defaults
    • Fix issue where the text area for the following fields below disappears when there’s a single qoute (‘).
      • Text to display for content protected with private tags
      • Text to display for content protected with reverse private tags
      • Text to display when comments are protected
    • Fix issue where the input fields disappears when there’s a single qoute (‘).
  • Miscellaneous
    • Allows full URL to be entered in Affiliate ID field


  • Fixed: [confirmurl] shortcode is not being processed properly for the email confirmation email
  • Fixed non-working DELETE /members/:[id] resource
  • Updated email sending behavior for welcome email when email confirmation is required. we now mirror the behavior when someone registers via the form wherein the welcome is not sent when email confirmation is required. only the email confirmation email is sent
  • Added return_fields array parameter to /members/:[id] resources so requesters can ask the API to return specific wp user fields such as first_name, last_name, etc
  • Returned 400 error code as a catch-all code for errors

Post/Page Options

  • Fixed: Select2 dropdown inside modal box not showing if divi theme is enabled. increased z-index to 9999999

Login Templates

  • Fixed: Responsive issues for both template 05 and template 11
  • Fixed: Login style template 9 cannot edit button color


  • Fixed issue with updating the password where it keeps showing error saying “Password not accepted” if Require Strong Passwords option is enabled.
  • Fixed issue where a backslash is added when the user info contains single qoutes or apostrophes on the WordPress Profile page and the WishList Member’s member details modal.


  • Added Show All option on all pagination items
  • Fixed quick jump input field
  • Supported “tab” in addition to “enter”
  • Page change on tab only happens if data-orig is set and it is different from value


  • Fixed incorrect url when pre-loading iconset
  • Removed ‘This page is auto-generated by the WishList Member Plugin.’ from the magic page
  • Prevents unnecessary saving of Magic Page id
  • Updated links pertaining to connectivity and activation in selfcheck
  • Fix the tooltip on modal boxes not showing when their responsive version kicks in
  • Fixed layout issue for responsive behaviour of modal-xl
  • Fixed the width of the fields with click to edit features
  • Fixed daterangepicker shows behind modal if view is narrow
  • Fixed an issue that clashes with other plugins for select2 inside a modal box
  • Fix issue where WishList Member won’t activate on server’s using PHP Version 5.4.45 because of the following errors.
    • “PHP Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in”.
    • “PHP Parse error: Syntax error, unexpected ‘(array)’ (array) (T_ARRAY_CAST) in”.
  • Email sending
    • Updated mail sending to include an alternate text body if the message is in html. this helps the email get through spam filters
    • Prevented possible conflicts with smtp plugins caused by not setting the mail header content-type to text/html or text/plain
  • Fix issue where “Enable visibility rules” from “If Menu” plugin appears twice in the menu settings.
  • Also fix the error message “If Menu detected that another plugin or theme (WishListMember_Walker_Nav_Menu) extends menu items incorrectly. This may cause duplicate visibility rules to show up, but functionality should be fine.”.