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WishList Member v3.5 Build 7141

  • Setup
    • Levels
      • Added one-time login link shortcode in email templates. The mergecode is [one_time_login_link redirect=””], label is One-time Login Link
      • Added “email confirmed notification” under Setup > Levels > Requirements > Require Members to Confirm Email
    • Integrations
      • Supported different API keys for integrations that connect via the WishList Member API in addition to the default API Key provided under Advanced Options > API. This allows changing of an API Key for a specific integration without affecting the others. Affects
        • Payments/JVZoo
        • Payments/PayBlue
        • Payments/PayKickStart
        • Payments/SamCart
        • Payments/SendOwl
        • Payments/ThriveCart
        • Emails/Drip
        • Others/ResponseSuite
        • Payment Providers
      • Plug&paid
        • Updated code to comply with new standards set by plug&paid
      • Stripe
        • Fixed issue where clicking the “Pay” button on the Stripe checkout form doesn’t do anything when the Stripe integration is set to LIVE but the user purchases using a test card. We now show an error about the user using a test card. This error wasn’t showing before.
      • Pin Payments
        • Marked integration as legacy
        • Added message at the top saying it has been discontinued
        • Email Providers
      • Added Automizy Integration
      • Updated the following email providers to “action-based” events
        • MadMimi
        • Maropost
        • Interspire
        • ArpReach
        • ConvertKit
        • GetResponse API
        • Generic
      • Other Providers
        • WP Courseware
          • Fixed the PHP Warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach().
        • IDevAffiliate
          • Fixed issue where prices that has are more than 999 are displayed as single digits in the modal edit section. For example, if the price is 1000, it will be displayed as 1.00 when editing the price.
  • Administration
    • Email Broadcasts
      • We no longer include unconfirmed members to the recipients of the email broadcast.
  • Advanced Options
    • Global Defaults
      • Emails
        • Added global default for “email confirmed notification”
    • Logins
      • Settings
        • Added “Show One-Time Login Link Option on Login Page” option. Email template is also provided. The mergecode to generate the link is [one_time_login_link redirect=””]. The option will show up on the WordPress login page, WishList Member login shortcode and WishList Member login widget
      • Styling
        • Fixed broken media picker if json_encode fails
        • Template 01
          • Fixed height issues with the form and layout
          • Fixed responsive breakpoints for mobile devices
        • Template 03
          • Fixed issue on buttons width being limited
        • Template 05
          • Fixed issue on buttons width being limited
  • Registrations
    • Fixed issue where the wrong membership level registration form is showing to the user after payment. This happens when the original level purchased by the user has an “Add To Level(s)” Actions set to it.
  • Performance
    • Improvements to TTFB
      • Removed call to get_plugin_data. used constants instead
      • Replaced multiple calls to WishListMember::GetOption with a single query in level_email_defaults.php
      • Removed unnecessary calls to WishListMember::GetOption in ppp_email_defaults.php