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WishList Member v3.6 Build 7259


  • Levels
    • Added per-level recipient for new member admin notification
  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • Stripe
        • Fixed issue where the new member notification for both admin and user are not being sent when the user purchases another level while logged in.
        • Fixed Pay button becoming disabled if no plan is selected and the focus moves out of the coupon code field. Only happens if more than 1 plan is configured for the level
        • We now passing the Name to the Customer Details in Stripe.
        • Changed default value of “Immediately cancel Stripe Subscription and Level in WishList Member when the user cancels their subscription via the Stripe Profile Shortcode.” from checked (immediate) to unchecked (periodend)
        • added coupon=”1″ to shortcode so admin knows that it is there and can be changed to “0”
      • WooCommerce
        • Fixed issue where The first name is not being set when a user purchases a WooCommerce product integrated with a membership level.
    • Email Providers
      • Fixed issue where member is not added to autoresponder if completing an incomplete registration. Affected autoresponders are arpReach, Constant Contact, ConvertKit Generic Integration, GetResponse (API), MadMimi, MailerLite, MailPoet, Maropost, MooSend, SendFox, SendStudio
    • Other Providers
      • BuddyBoss
        • Fixed conflict between BuddyBoss, Yoast and WishList Member where the other pages on the BuddyBoss’ member’s profile page that are not “view” and “edit” will display a “Not Found” on the page title.
        • We no longer run protection when current page is the currently logged in user’s author page or edit page
      • iDevAffiliate
        • added logging of requests to via WordPress transients. Logs are kept for 30 days only
      • Tutor LMS
        • Added option to remove from a course in Level Actions
      • LearnDash
        • Fixed issue where the search filter on the Learndash courses page shown by BuddyBoss doesn’t work.


  • Sequential Upgrade
    • Changed wording from “x foo After Registration” to “after x Foo”
    • Fixed issue where configuration shows “None” even if it is set if the sequential upgrade list is paginated and the destination level is on a different page than the source level


  • Email Broadcasts
    • Changed width of recipient email from 6cols to 12cols for unsubscribe notification

Advanced Option

  • Global Defaults
    • After Registration
      • Fixed issue where the Global After Registration doesn’t work when it’s set to the option “Message”. If it’s set to “Message” the after registration redirect being used is the one saved on the “Page” option.
    • Email Notification
      • Restored capability to set the email address of the admin to be notified. This was lost in the move from v2.9 to v3.0


  • Fixed issue where the user gets redirected to the “Wrong Level” page when they try to access a Thrive Apprentice Course even if their membership level has access to “All Categories”.
  • Fixed a few PHP notices
  • Fixed issue where activating the plugin generates unexpected output