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WishList Member v3.7 Build 7310


  • Added capability to pass protection to new child pages in the WishList Member section of the post edit screen
  • Added capability to pass protection settings from the parent content to all child content by clicking a button in the WishList Member section of the post edit screen
  • Added capability to hide/show the password in WishList Member login forms generated by the login form shortcode and the WishList Member widget
  • Added WishList Member version in ping result for Zapier
  • Added support for phone numbers and address when adding/updating members (add_member endpoint) for Zapier. Valid field names are phone_home (stored as custom field custom_phone_home), phone_work (stored as custom field custom_phone_work), phone_mobile (stored as custom field custom_phone_mobile), companyaddress1address2citystatezip, and country
  • Added label setting to One-Time Login Link to allow changing the text from “Send me a One-Time Login Link” to anything that the admin wants.
  • Added id to data being sent by the outgoing WebHook where id is the WordPress user id
  • Added HTTP digest authentication as a way to authenticate with the API (username is wishlist and the password is the API key as shown in Advanced Options > API)
  • Added support for adjusting registration dates in the API’s POST /levels/{level_id}/members resource if ObeyLevelsAdditionalSettings was passed and it’s enabled in the level’s additional settings
  • Added wishlistmember_only_show_content_for_level filter in the OnlyShowContentForLevel() method. This filters the $content as passed by the WordPress pre_get_posts action. If the filter returns empty, then OnlyShowContentForLevel() will immediately return without further processing.
  • Added wishlistmember_excluded_post_types filter in wlm_post_type_is_excluded() function
  • Added wishlistmember_post_inheritance_child_name filter to allow changing “Content” to whatever makes sense for a post type. This filter is used in the WishList Member section of the post edit screen
  • Added wishlistmember_add_user_levels_shutdown which fires during the shutdown process. This is similar to wishlistmember_add_user_levelsexcept that it fires during the WP shutdown process allowing for time for further processing to be made to the level/s that were added
  • Added wishlistmember_process_protection filter. This filters the redirect URL before it is set. Valid return values are STOP (terminates the execution of Process()), NOACCESS/CANCELLED/EXPIRED/FORCONFIRMATION/FORAPPROVAL (redirects to the appropriate WishList Member error page), or a valid URL.
  • Added wishlistmember_instance() which simply returns the global $WishListMemberInstance. This makes it easy to access the WishList Member instance in any scope without having to declare it as global


  • Fixed issue with API where updating a member can change/remove the first name, nickname and display name
  • Fixed BuddyBoss “Page Not found and profile pages” issue. We no longer run protection when current page is part of the the currently logged in users profile page.
  • Fixed issue with the page set as the BuddyBoss Activity page displaying the “Not Found” title when both BuddyBoss and YOAST are active.
  • Fixed broken Shortcode Inserter for reverse private tags
  • Fixed issue where the Zippy Courses product’s Access settings are not being saved.
  • Fixed Login Template 11 background size not accepting values
  • Fixed issue with adding members to multiple levels in the Members > Manage section wherein the first level added said today’s date but the other 4 levels show the original join date.
  • Fixed conflict with MailPoet, Thrive Theme Builder and WishList Member where the admin cannot save details for Managing subscriptions in MailPoet.
  • Fixed email integrations issue where members are added to a list even when their registration requires admin approval or email confirmation. Affected email integrations are arpReach, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Generic, GetResponse, Interspire Email Marketer, Mad Mimi, MailerLite, MailPoet, Maropost, Moosend, and SendFox
  • Fixed duplicate entry database error for LicenseStatus
  • Fixed PHP Run-time warning due ignore_user_abort() being disabled for security reasons
  • Fixed invalid index PHP error
  • Fixed array_intersect(): Argument #2 is not an array PHP error