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WishList Member v3.8 Build 7381

New Features

Dashboard Tools

  • Shortcode Creator – allows the admin to generate WishList Member shortcodes without having to go to the post editor
  • Quick links to:
    • Backup
    • Version Rollback
    • Email Broadcast

Member Action Button

  • Added wlm_member_action_button shortcode which generates a button that allow members to add/move/remove/cancel/uncancel themselves to/from a membership level or a pay per post
  • Hides/shows menu items based on whether a user is logged-in, logged-out, member of a level, or not member of a level

Updates and Fixes

Payment Providers

  • Authorize.net ARB
    • added link_text attribute to shortcode
    • fixed incorrect info for recurring payments in the shortcode inserter description
  • 2Checkout API
    • Added link references to the documentation and the PHP library.
    • Added SKU as the merchantOrderID.
    • Removed Startupfee in the data we passed when processing the payment as this is being added together with the initial fee for recurring payments.
    • Fixed issue where the payment process doesn’t work. The checkout form just outputs the error “There was an error processing your request, Please try again.” even with a valid credit card.
    • Fixed issue where on some sites the user is just redirected to a 404 page after payment.
      Note for developers:

      • Refactored how tokens are generated/validated.
      • Added “Waiting..” text when the user clicks the pay button and the form is generating a token before it redirects the user to the payment processing.
      • Added the 2Checkout PHP API Library and started utilizing this instead of the manual way processing payments via CURL.
  • Stripe
    • Minor updates for the translation support of the Payment Interval text.
    • Removed wlm_stripe_linkback shortcode as there’s no callback specified since before v2.93. This is most likely vestigial code
  • WooCommerce
    • Fixed the issue where editing a product in WooCommerce removes the product’s set up from the integration when it is linked to a payperpost.


  • Added support in /member resource for sending email notifications (new member and admin notification) when a user gets added to a Pay Per Post via the WishList Member API.
  • Fixed issue for /content resource where levels that have access to all posts / all pages are not being included on the list of levels that have access to a post/page.


  • Auto Create Account
    • Added wishlistmember_user_registered action when auto-creating an account since the action is used by integrations and the WishList Member for Infusionsoft plugin
  • Levels Scheduled Action
    • Allow admins to delete scheduled level action from members

Shortcodes / Mergecodes

  • Grouped mergecodes and shortcodes in the inserter dropdown
  • Fixed issue with using non-English characters in wlm_profileform shortcode.
  • Fixed properties not being set for some shortcodes
  • renamed shortcode inserter handle from wishlist-member-tinymce-lightbox-js to wishlistmember-shortcoder-inserter-lightbox-js
  • added $WishListMemberInstance->short_codes property – populated by shortcodes_init()
  • added $WishListMemberInstance->merge_codes property – populated by shortcodes_init()
  • moved declaration of $WishListMemberInstance->IntegrationShortcodes to property section of class instead of in the constructor as it’s just an empty array to start with anyway


Registration Form

  • Added wlm_form_id to POST data. wlm_form_id contains the ID for the form that was used. Possible values are:
  • Incomplete Registration
    • Issue where on some sites the registration page being shown after a purchase or clicking the incomplete registration URL is the “Add To level” instead of the initial level the user bought. This happens because on some sites the entry of the “add to level” is the one being added first

Pass Protection

  • Fixed pass protection feature applying settings to “children” that are actually auto-saves and similar. This also fixes a conflict with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin


  • Fixed issue with Export personal Data under WordPress Tools menu where the Request Email Template was messed up with extra ### and the link also doesn’t work because all characters were converted to uppercase.

PHP / JavaScript

  • Fixed issue where it displays a PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function apache_get_modules() when activating WishList Member on some sites.
  • Fixed a few more undefined index notices
  • Fixed repeat declaration of constant
  • Fixed Run-time warning strtoupper() expects paramater 1 to be string.
    • Fixes conflict with BuddyBoss where the export data confirmation email link does not work.
  • Fixed JavaScript error in the post/page editor due to dash in JSON property defining the custom post type name


  • \WishListMember\User class
    • Added active_levels property. Property is an array of level IDs that are active for the user
    • Added load_payperposts(), add_payperposts(), and remove_payperposts() methods
    • added RemoveLevels() method
  • Added support to accept multiple index parameters to traverse multi-dimensional arrays/objects to the wlm_arrval() function. Ex. $some_array['foo']['bar'] = 'xyz'; wlm_arrval( $some_array, 'foo', 'bar') will return ‘xyz’
  • Added the following new WP filters to facilitate adding/removing of entries to the shortcode inserter
    • wishlistmember_shortcodes
    • wishlistmember_mergecodes
    • wishlistmember_integration_shortcodes