WishList Member Changelogs

WishList Member 3.22.3

Email Broadcast Shortcode Inserter Pay Per Post Content Control: Archiver Content Control: Manager Member Action Button Clickbank Members >> Import Post/Page Editor Others

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WishList Member 3.22.0

What’s New Stripe 2Checkout Code Redemption ActiveCampaign Divi Front end Visual Editor Members >> Manage Registration Others

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WishList Member 3.20.1

WooCommerce Fixed issue where Product Pricing set for Variable Products/Subscriptions aren’t being proceessed by the WooCommerce integration. Stripe Fixed issue where the Stripe Profile Shortcode

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WishList Member 3.20.0

ActiveCampaign Fixed issue where you can’t select “Remove to Lists” and “Remove to Tags” when updating the Membership Level Actions. WooCommerce Added support for Global

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WishList Member v3.19.1

Others Fixed issue where the Hide/Show feature causes some sites to crash when enabled for non-logged in users. (Related to menu protection) Fixed issue where

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WishList Member v3.19.0

What’s New Setup Wizard and Checklist Revamped the Getting Started Wizard and added a Membership Success Checklist on the WishList Member Dashboard. Moved “Support” and

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